Opinion on Glassdoor Reviews:

Posted on 22/05/2015 by admin

Glassdoor, if you didn’t already know, is that crowdsourcing review site that uses feedback from employees and interviewees of a company to rate the business in areas such: as salaries, employee satisfaction, career opportunities, culture and values, work-life balance and CEO approval.

A study at SoftwareAdvice.com reveals that 48 percent of those surveyed use Glassdoor when job hunting; so, its potential influence on job seekers is very strong. But, it also revealed some interesting statistics on the demographics of users. For example, the survey found that the majority of job seekers using Glassdoor earn between $25,000 and $50,000 and usage is limited outside of this income range. Also, it found that older users between the age of 55 and 64 were the most active users and that over half of active Glassdoor users were over 45. So, it seems that the main Glassdoor users are mature, middle income and urban (they also discovered).

However, the most interesting discovery from the research was that 40 percent of respondents said they would apply if the company had a one star rating; 15 percent would only apply if it had a two star rating; 30 percent would only apply with a three star rating and around 15 percent would apply only if it had a four star rating. So, if you have a low one or two star rating on Glassdoor you should be fearful as it’s seriously damaging your brand and hiring prospects, while a three, and to a much greater extent, four star rating are enhancing your brand.

Another side issue was identified by workplace dynamic, which questions the reliability of Glassdoor reviews. The company found that Glassdoor reviews typically constitute a 1.6 percent sample size and they are not randomly selected but come from a disproportionate number of “grumpy” employees. This suggests the Glassdoor data may be severely skewed and not totally trustworthy.